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Praisefest Niagara
May 22-24, 2014
Niagara Falls, Scotia Bank Center


The Hoppers and Heading Home
Sunday Sept 6, 2014 6:30pm - Concert
Northside Baptist Church

1373 Lobsinger Line

Waterloo, ON

The Booth Brothers

Oct 31st, 2009

Guy Penrod & Jay Calder
Aug 3rd & 5th, 2012

The Tally Trio

Jan 1st, 2010

Gold City

Jan 1st, 2011, Sept 8th 2012


Special Events

Crabb Revival

Jan 2nd, 2011


Greater Vision

Aug 13th, 2010


The Hoppers

Jan 1st, 2012


Praisefest Niagara

Praisefest is a 3 day, 5 session event with evening sessions beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday Evenings, and 5 PM on Saturday. "Best of Ontario" hosted by the Torchmen, featuring The Watchmen, Advocate, Heading Home Trio, Chapelaires and Marlene O'Neil.

Artist featured will be, Greater Vision, Legacy Five, Hoppers, Collingsworth Family, Heading Home Trio, Ernie Haas and Signature Sound, Gordon Mote, Mark Trammell Quartet, Taranda Green, Torchmen Quartet, Advocate, Chapelaires, The Watchmen, Marlene O’Neil, and comedian Tim Lovelace!

Jeff & Sheri Easter:

This is a video of Brent Dalgleish our piano player and vocalist playing an impromptu song with Jeff & Sherri at a concert in April.

Marshall Hall & Wes Hampton
Aug, 2013

Jeff & Sheri Easter

April, 2013


Steve Green

Jan 1st, 2013

Tribute Quartet
Jan 1st, 2014